Do you have a powerful ?

Great! That's an advantage.

Now tell your about the audience!

What does that mean?

Make your a for the audience's story.

In my storytelling speech, I share a time when I was out in a storm at night in a small sailboat in big seas. I had to dodge three ships that I was sure couldn't see me.

It's a dramatic, true story, and audiences enjoy it but it's a story about ME and MY adventures.

If I go on too long, the audience will begin to wonder why I'm telling the story. They all have Netflix at home and if they want an adventure story, all they have to do is switch on the TV.

Why am I listening to this clown talk about himself?

So I tell my story about the audience—just like I'm doing for you now.

I dodge the final ship and then I ask my audience a question:

Have you ever felt like that in your business? Like you're out there in those big seas at night? These big opportunities are coming by and they could run you over without even knowing it, but you have something to offer them. They need you! How will you get their attention?

My story becomes a for their story.

Tell your story about the audience!