The advanced to the next slide and began to explain.

I suppose this might make some sort of sense if someone breaks it down for you. We can see the progression from purple to green to blue to red but here's the problem:

How could anybody who owns just one brain read and decipher something this complex while paying attention to the words being delivered by the presenter?

It's simple.

They can't!

No one can!

If the goal of their is to walk the audience through a slide, they've got it backward.

The goal of a good slide is to help your audience on you!

Otherwise, there's a much better way to share information—a way that allows the audience to on the diagram in their own and take in every word you have to share.

It's called a printed handout!

According to Microsoft, bad presentations cost the world $250 million dollars … every day!

Cut the clutter! Simplify your !