Have you ever recorded a testimonial in a crowded space with lots of people chattering in the background?

Or maybe you're just not happy with an track—the voice just has no presence or punch.

Adobe has introduced a free tool called Enhance which you can find at https://podcast.adobe.com/enhance

Simply upload an track and in a few minutes, the will scrub out background noise and enhance the quality.

Results vary with the quality and complexity of the source material, but if you're unfamiliar with compressors, parametric equalizers, and other audio engineering tools, the Enhancer can give you an edge.

In fact, if you're watching this , you're hearing it now!

Another one I love is Remover at https://vocalremover.org/splitter-ai

This tool doesn't so much remove vocals as split them. The does a pretty admirable job at dividing a recording into separate tracks—, , bass, and drums.

Try using it to isolate vocals from a noisy background.

Though is less useful for creative tasks, it's excellent at learning and distinguishing patterns, whether that's finding decay on a dental X-ray, tumor tissue on a mammogram, or separating a single voice from a background.