Along with and , is one of the three classical persuasive techniques. appeals to logic and reason.

In public speaking or argumentation, employing means providing clear, logical evidence to support your points. This could be through data, facts, statistics, or logical reasoning.

A might use logos to argue for a new policy by presenting data that shows its past successes.

Logos involves structuring your arguments in a coherent and logical manner, making it easier for your audience to understand and be persuaded by your message.

To enhance your persuasive speeches, on strengthening your logos with well-researched and rational arguments.

Cite your sources and make sure they're reliable and verifiable.

If you're pitching a startup or an investment opportunity, data you present about customer demand, changing market conditions, or competitors' shortcomings could be what lands you the opportunity.

Logos—logic—builds credibility and makes your case compelling.