Catechresis is a bold, often startling use of language where a word is used in a way that dramatically changes its usual meaning, pushing to create a striking effect.

Essentially, it's exaggerated .

Shakespeare was a master of this. He described jealousy as the ‘green-eyed monster,' which vividly captures the emotion's intensity and destructiveness.

Here's another example: ‘He drowned in a sea of grief.' This use of ‘drowned' in an emotional context instead of a literal one deepens the impact of the statement.

In storytelling and public speaking, catechresis can capture attention and evoke vivid imagery.

The speech was so vacuous, it made the audience's ears pop!

Before stepping onto the stage, he drank a glass of courage, hoping it would iron his and starch his spine.

Her speech was a marathon that ran across continents of topics; by the end, even the chairs started to sigh.

Catechresis will enrich your narrative, and provide your audience with a and evocative description that sticks.