dave bricker's speaking tips Don't Leave the Stage Until the Clapping Stops.

I've done it.

Most experienced professionals have done it.

(sounds of )
Thanks but I don't need all that attention. I just gave my talk. That's what I do.
Really … you're making way too big a deal out of this.
I'm glad you liked it but … okay … that's enough.

If you're remotely humble, standing there accepting a big round of can feel awkward and uncomfortable.

But think of it this way…

What if you were receiving an award at an awards ceremony? What would you make if you grabbed your trophy and walked off the stage while they were still talking about your achievements?

Wouldn't that be rude?

How would you feel if your audience walked out in the middle of your speech?

Professional speakers don't just talk at the audience; they engage the audience. It's a —a conversation—even if the audience never says a word.

If you've done your job well the audience will want you to listen to them as they show their appreciation.

Don't walk out on them.

Even if it's a bit uncomfortable, stay on the stage, bow gently, smile, fold your , and let your audience know you appreciate their appreciation.