What is a monitor? One of my colleagues and I jokingly refer to that role as “the monster.”

When presenting virtually, the all too often ends up arriving early, welcoming guests into the session, explaining the guidelines about muting microphones and the differences between view and gallery view.

This is the equivalent of being the usher at your own play:

“Hmm … let me see your ticket. “Looks like you're in Row C, Seat 27 … right over here.”

Introducing yourself in a “production crew” role robs you of the opportunity to “come out swinging” as a powerful with an attention-grabbing opening line.

Several of my speaker colleagues and I support one another. As “ monsters,” we are co-hosts who welcome guests into the session, establish the meeting rules and format, and then introduce the main speaker who is waiting to switch their on.

Once the is in progress, the meeting monster watches the chat window, admits latecomers into the session, and keeps an eye on who's is muted and who's is not.

If the presenter is standing at a distance from the screen, the meeting monster looks for raised .

“Jane, we have a question from Betty. Betty can you unmute your please?”

This frees the presenter to interact with the audience without having to scroll through panels of participants or operate the meeting software controls.

And if someone misbehaves, the meeting monster can eject them from the session without interrupting the .

As co-host, your meeting monster offers a special of insurance. Once, while in the middle of an important , I heard a loud crack of thunder.

What if the power goes off? I'll lose my session!

Adding a co-host ensures that the meeting won't spontaneously combust if there's a power problem or computer crash. As long as the session is co-hosted, attendees will remain connected.

And if your meeting monster is a capable presenter in their own right, if fails you, they'll keep the crowd engaged while you resolve your issues.

“Looks like Dave is having some difficulties. While we wait for him to reconnect, let's review some of the key principles we've discussed so far….”

Be there for your fellow speakers and they'll be there for you. Offer to serve as meeting monster for a more experienced presenter to open up conversations and build valuable relationships.

Who's your meeting monster? Your audience may not remember their name, but a quality meeting assistant will ensure they remember yours.