Is your big enough?

What a sad question!

Too many meaningful stories go untold because we fear they're not as big as someone else's.

Why should we tell tales about life as a middle manager in a corporate cubicle farm when that other talks about growing his startup company and taking it public?

Why should we talk about raising two children when your best friend has raised five and that other builds orphanages?

Why should I tell my about across the Atlantic with a friend when Neal Petersen speaks about around the world alone?

Is your big enough?

The answer is simple: A humble story, well-told, holds more power to change hearts and minds than an epic odyssey that values the storyteller over the listener. Stories and lessons are found as readily in the foothills as on the mountaintop.

Who are you to tell the story?

A thinker, a feeler, an observer of life—a and a storyteller with an idea to share.

Size doesn't matter.