dave bricker's speaking tipsAudience members sometimes respond timidly when you ask them questions. They may be about speaking up in public, especially in front of their peers. Instead of simply repeating what they say, amplify what they say.

: “What are some of the challenges you face in ?”
Audience member #1: “.”
: [bold voice]…”
“Good. What else?”
Audience member #2: “The economy.”
: [bold voice] “The economy.”
[Look to the other side of the room.]
“Give me another one.”
Audience member #3: “Finding and keeping qualified employees.”
Speaker: [bold voice] “Finding and keeping qualified employees”

Ampliify your audience.

Repeat their responses boldly to validate and amplify your respondents. Each respondent will feel they have contributed something worthwhile and received public acknowledgment for it. Each response provokes a slightly bolder affirmation than the previous one.

This builds the energy level in the room.

And you'll have their attention.