is a global organization dedicated to the art of public speaking.

With over 270,000 members in 148 countries, chances are good that there's at least one club near you.

Though the quality of individual clubs varies, offers excellent resources and one of the most affordable programs available.

I've heard too many professional speakers say that Toastmasters is for amateurs, but I still attend my chapter every week. Here's why?

During the years I've attended Toastmasters, I've watched and analyzed over 1500 speeches. Where else could I find an education like that?

Do you think it's ethical to try out new material on an audience that's paying you to deliver results? Doesn't it make sense to try your lines on a Toastmasters audience first?

Real audiences won't tell you what worked or didn't work or why. Perform for a Toastmasters audience and you'll hear the good, the bad, and the ugly from a room full of professionals. What's that worth?

If you're really that good, try your hand at speaking or compete in one of Toastmasters' many , including the World Championship of Public Speaking.

And would it do you any harm to share your skills and with others who are learning the art of ? How much can we learn by teaching?

I encourage you to visit, find a chapter near you, and make Toastmasters your gym.

Work out every week and get in shape for the big stage.