Like the Chauffeur , here's a tale that thousands of speakers love to tell but shouldn't:

A man walking along the beach noticed that thousands of starfish had been washed up on the sand by a storm tide.
And then he spied a little boy picking them up and tossing them back into the sea.
“Come on,” said the man, “there are thousands of starfish and only one you. You can't possibly make a difference.”
The boy tossed another starfish back in the ocean. “I made a difference for that one!”

It's a beautiful but here are three reasons to NEVER tell it.

Number one: it doesn't belong to you. The Star Thrower was written by Loren Eisley in 1969.

Number two: the odds are tragically good that someone speaking before you at the same event will tell this without attributing the , as if it were free for the taking.

Number three: If you can't pull an original story from your own life or create one worth listening to, you might want to reconsider whether it's appropriate to call yourself a professional .

Be creative.

Be unique.

Be original.