by Dave

Replace the sample text with a speech of your own. The will be calculated in the field below. The can only be changed by changing the text.

Enter a target if your is limited to a certain number of words. Edit your speech until the actual word count matches your target word count. (This field doesn't calculate anything; it's just an optional place for you to keep the target word count handy.)

The Speech Calculator will determine the duration of your speech based on the word count and the of delivery.

Change the delivery to suit your speaking style. The default value of 120 words-per-minute accommodates pauses and audience interaction. 100–150 WPM is comfortable. 150–160 WPM is the upper range where speakers can comfortably vocalize words. Auctioneers sometimes speak 250–400 WPM but that's a freak show! Slight adjustments in delivery will help shrink or fill a speech of a given word count to fit the allotted.

Great words fail without great delivery…

Changing duration changes delivery speed.
Changing delivery speed changes duration.