So many speakers—even professional ones—are afraid to be “theatrical.” They worry that will be inauthentic or phony.

A I worked with told a about a great injustice: A military leader was wrongly court-martialed and forced to retire in disgrace. That wrong was eventually righted, but not until after the man had committed suicide.

I asked the why he delivered the in a documentary style that conveyed no emotion.

“I don't want to dishonor this man with cheap theatrics.”

Falling down and pretending to weep would be cheap theatrics.

But we are talking about a man's death.

Doesn't it make sense to help the audience FEEL the impact of what happened.

Just as great don't look they're , great speakers don't look like they're faking.

If you talk about something dark, sad, or scary, delivering your message with only words is like reading an article to your audience.

Why not actually feel and share the emotions associated with the events you're sharing?

What could be more authentic than that?

Speaking is theater…

And effective speaking is good theater!

Sharing a tragic ?

(sad )

Feel the emotions behind your message and share those too.