How do you get more ?

Here's an answer from NSA Hall of Fame , Bruce Turkel:

If you want to speak more, speak more!

So what does that mean?

It means that email, social media, and the like are all just so much talking about speaking.

When you're actually speaking in front of people, you'll find your best opportunities to connect with decision-makers.

Which of the following two scenarios sounds most plausible to you?

I found this talented on the Internet. I think I'll hire them.


I was mesmerized by this amazing at last week's . I think I'll hire them.

If you want to speak more, speak more.

Get in front of audiences—even if that means speaking for free—and follow up.

Try a post-event survey form with a digital giveaway to encourage attendees to fill it out.

Ask if they know any people or organizations that would benefit from your .

Invite other decision-makers to attend the next event you're speaking at. Many hosts will be happy to accommodate your guests.

More talking about speaking is unlikely to get you booked.

If you want to speak more, speak more.