So many speakers use their FM radio DJ voice … all the .

This is not dynamic speaking.

Remember: “Dynamic” means “changing.”

Think about how noisy little kids are on the playground.

It's astonishing how much sound comes out of those tiny people, but eventually, some adult says

Act civilized!
Calm down!
Use your inside voice!

It usually happens to the girls first but sooner or later, we all get trained to use a tiny fraction of our range.

Here's an exercise I do in my workshops called “Rediscover your BIG.” What's scary and even a little bit sad is that so many people have forgotten how to get loud at will.

They choke back their shouts and make them sound faked and forced—which they are.

So here's the line:

Did you ever want to speak out, but were afraid to say anything?

We've all felt that way at some or another, and it's a frustrating feeling.

The two important concepts are “wanting to speak out” which is loud and forceful…

And “being afraid to say anything” which should sound timid and weak.

Try it with some … and when you say “SPEAK OUT,” make it your goal to have your neighbors call the police! Then dial it way down for being afraid.

Did you ever want to SPEAK OUT … but were afraid to say anything?

It's dynamic contrasts like these that make a so-so opening line into a spectacular one.