Euphony refers to the quality of being pleasing to the ear, especially through a harmonious combination of words. It's a literary device used to create beautiful, melodious sounds within a phrase or sentence, enhancing the auditory appeal of poetry and prose.

The 's words caressed my heart like a soft melody.

Though my heart ached, the memory of her final words transported me to a safe, cool, and protected place where the splashing sounds of healing waters reminded me that all would be well again.

The morning blossomed like a patient flower, its sunlit cloud pedals embracing the mountain mist.

And euphony doesn't have to be all fluffy and ethereal.

Fragments of students practicing scales and small ensembles rehearsing echoed through the doors into the rehearsal studio's hallways.

Many popular song lyrics are pretty simple and shallow, but their rhyme and rhythm sound good enough to make them .

In public speaking, euphony can make your speeches more engaging and . Craft sentences that not only convey your message but also delight the ear.