For the most part, your audience has forgotten how to SHOUT unless they've lost their temper.

They're afraid to SING the way they did when they were kids.

They rarely slow down or up or raise their .

Many of them are embarrassed to change accents or imitate the voice of a child or the voice of a bully who stole their lunch money.

They knew how to screech and howl when they were little … until some adult told them to

Cool your jets!
Use your inside voice!
Act civilized!

And since then, they've used about a third of their authentic dynamic range.

How will you help them rediscover their BIG?

Will you model their limitations on stage or remind them of how expressive their faces, bodies, and voices can be?

Will you model their fears or demonstrate the possibilities?

Rediscover your BIG and bring it on stage with you.

Your audience will appreciate the reminder.