What about Speakers ?

Can we rely on them to find us paying engagements?

I do know a who works exclusively with . They find him high-paying gigs, take their cut, and he's happy not to have to spend and energy on .

Doesn't that sound wonderful?

Sure, but it doesn't work that way for everyone.

I have a friend who owns and operates a speakers bureau, and … well … I haven't even asked.

Established speakers have relationships with a stable of proven, high-quality speakers. They'll take a chance on new talent only if it's well-recommended and they don't have a on their roster who specializes in a requested topic.

But unless you're a celebrity, there's one solid way to attract the interest of speakers bureaus:

Compete with them!

When speakers bureau's clients hire you instead of their recommended speakers enough times, they'll come and knock on your door.

Until then, understand that bureaus aren't shutting you out.

Their and future success depends on their ability to provide speakers who knock the ball out of the park every .

And once they have their A-list, your cool website and flashy demo reel probably won't be enough to convince them to add you to their roster.

Oh … and that I know who works exclusively with bureaus: He once spent $5000 on a helicopter to pick up a bureau owner to take her to lunch. Turns out he's as serious about to bureaus as the rest of us have to be about to associations and event planners.

There's no harm to be done by participating in a showcase or inviting a local bureau to come hear you speak at an event, but for the most part, when it comes to speakers bureaus, don't call them; they'll call you.