Many speakers tell stories of adventure, of tragedy, of fall, and redemption.

But what if you've lived a fairly uneventful life?

Maybe you've never been shot at.

You've never spent a night in a hospital, folded up a , or gone through a divorce.

You haven't run a marathon, climbed Mount Everest, or walked on the moon.

Whatever will you speak about?

Here's the good news:

Stories are everywhere.

Have you been on that disastrous camping trip? You know the one—with the cold, the mud, and the mosquitoes?

What about that date with that tin-foil-hat crazy girl who kept talking about love at first site?

And maybe your life has been comfortable and free of major challenges because you stuck by some simple principles while others didn't.

Stories are all around us.

Anyone who's had a job, a pet, or a lover has stories.

Anyone who's left home and grown up has stories.

Our siblings may drive us crazy but we love them because we share the same stories.

Stories are everywhere and they're easy to find.

A moves from conflict to .

If you faced a conflict—a challenge, an obstacle, a setback, or a limiting belief—and you overcame that challenge and learned a lesson from it, you have a worth sharing.

Stories are everywhere!

And size doesn't matter!