refers to a style of speech that is rounded, full, and imposing. It describes a voice or that is clear and resonant, ideal for public speaking and theatrical performances.

A rotund person is round and plump; an speech is big and full.

An voice captivates an audience by lending authority and depth to the 's words.

Imagine a theater actor whose booming voice fills the hall, or a whose commanding presence is amplified by their orotund delivery.

To achieve an orotund voice, on breath control, exercises, and proper enunciation.

Find the resonant center of your voice by speaking at a low while trying to make your voice project.

This will improve your clarity and make your voice more engaging and persuasive.

When you accomplish this, you'll be heard above a noisy crowd without shouting or straining.

Embracing the orotund style will enhance your public speaking, and make your speeches more and impactful.