refers to the language or dialect spoken by the ordinary people in a particular region or country.

In literature and speeches, using the can significantly aid in connecting with a local audience by reflecting their everyday language and expressions.

An American might use phrases like ‘y'all' when speaking in the South to resonate more deeply with the audience there.

Those Brits are always going on about “bloody” this and “bloody” that.

“Come and visit Jamaica, mon!”

And isn't just about local dialects; it's about incorporating slang, jargon, or language when appropriate to fit the audience's background and expectations.

When's your next speaking gig?
Wow! That's above my paygrade.
Who has the bandwidth for that?

“Gig,” “paygrade,” and “bandwidth” are all examples of common vernacular.

Adopting the vernacular of your audience will enhance understanding and rapport.