A is a recurring theme, subject, or idea that appears throughout a literary work, which helps to develop the narrative's major themes.

In speech and , motifs reinforce and enrich the message or central theme.

The repeated mention of ‘light' in a speech about hope and progress can serve as a that symbolizes positivity and the promise of better days.

Many of my speeches and workshops include a . I lived on a sailboat for 15 years so that theme—that motif—is in many of my thought models and workshops.

Just as your daughter's birthday party might have a princess or unicorn motif, your speech might reference mountain climbing or marathon running or something less common.

Motifs can be visual, verbal, or structural.

And motifs are more than just decorative elements; they deepen the audience's understanding and create a lasting of the core message.

The motifs you choose may end up being the defining factors that differentiate you from other speakers who present on your same topic.