by Dave Bricker

Explore this soon-to-be-released Speakipedia AI tool. Load one of the demos and view the AI-generated results.


Prepare for Your Presentation

The Audience Inspector collects information about you, your audience, and the outcomes you intend to produce for them. Fill out the fields on the next tab and the Audience Inspector will conduct hours of valuable research for you in just seconds.

Show up prepared, informed, and ready to impress.

Demo Presentations:

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What is your speaking lane?

Leadership, Employee Retention, Storytelling, etc.


What results / transformation do you deliver to audiences and clients? How do they think, feel, or act differently after they’ve heard your message?

I help professionals communicate their value with confidence and style.

I help stressed-out women to balance home and professional life.

I help business leaders to make more money and keep employees on-board by leading with compassion and empathy.


How long is your presentation (in minutes)?

Presentation Type*

What kind of of presentation are you delivering?

Keynote, lecture, workshop, class, etc.

Audience Description*

Share some details about this audience.

This audience will contain dentists and also investors in dental technology who may not be familiar with medical terminology.

This is a women’s group but men will also be in the room.

This audience has been forced to endure numerous boring presentations on topics mandated by the compliance team. Attendance is compulsory and they will bring low expectations and resentment.

Audience Name

What is the name of the group you will be presenting to? If the audience is not part of a single organization, leave this blank or state the industry or category.

NSA: The National Speakers Association

Women over 40


Not the Audience*

Who will you NOT be speaking to?

This is an education conference but this presentation is for teachers only. No administrators or staff will be in attendance.

This event allows team members to speak openly. Managers and leaders will not attend.

Q & A*

How many minutes will you allocate for questions and answers?

Your Audience

Know your audience! How old are they? What do they care about? Analyze your audience to create a useful demographic and psychographic profile of the people you’ll be presenting to.


Every story is driven by conflict. Here are some of the problems, challenges, and stressors your audience faces. Stay relevant and relatable by touching on the important ones in your presentation.


Consider integrating some of the following history into your presentation:


Citing recent news that relates to your audience will earn you approval points by showing them you’ve done your homework.


Some industries avoid certain issues, words, phrases, and topics. For example, in the industrial packaging industry the word “drum” is used and the word “barrel” is not. The audience inspector defuses the verbal landmines that make presenters sound insensitive or uninformed.


The Audience Inspector discovers relevant jokes, stories, and anecdotes to engage your audience with.

Presentation Content

The following content outline considers your offerings and objectives and the duration of your speech. Time is allocated for questions and answers and the presentation ends with a closing statement. Use it as a general guide and be sure to add your unique style, thought models, stories, and ideas.

Use the Intro-Matic to create a compelling, energy-building introduction the emcee can bring you on stage with.