I've appeared as a guest on many podcasts. My hosts are almost always astonished when I refer them to the media hosts page on my website.

There, they find my bio, my intro, my logo, headshots, and a list of questions to consider asking.

They're used to spending researching their guests and trying to come up with good questions that will appeal to their audience.

Sometimes they do a good job and other times…

Well, I speak about storytelling. The last thing I want to be interviewed about is children's . Not that I have anything against kids or their but that's not the kind of storytelling I speak about.

And why place yourself in a position where you get asked a question and you have to respond by saying:

Great question but before I can talk about Y, I need to fill you in about X.”

Media hosts aren't required to use the questions you provide but most of them will use at least some of them.

And even if they don't, they'll understand the order in which you talk about various elements of your expertise.

Want your to ?

Don't leave yourself at the mercy of the media host. When you know the questions in advance, you'll have answers ready to go.

You sound smart. The host sounds smart. And that's a win.