If you're the least bit human, you've probably battled at one or another.

Who am I to be up on a stage giving advice to a room full of people I've never met?

In speechwriting, this healthy humility can lead to passive, timid, weak statements.

Your mileage may vary, but I think the best way is the ABC method.
This is just my opinion, but don't you think it makes sense to find a mentor?
You'll have to make your own decision about what's best for you, but XYZ makes a lot of sense.

This wishy washy speech is full of excuses and qualifiers.

The few people in your audience who don't feel free to think their own thoughts, evaluate the fitness of your statements for them, and make their own decisions will benefit more from bold .

Just tell them what's what!

The ABC method is the best way to go.
Find a mentor!
XYZ makes a lot of sense!

Wash out the wishy-washy and state your truth. Your audience will respect you for it.