One of my colleagues has written a post every week for the past 17 years.

If you're that disciplined and you enjoy the challenge, go for it.

But why add the extra pressure?

At the time I'm this, I have six months' worth of edited material sitting in my , waiting to auto-publish every other Tuesday.

Sure, that takes some work.

And occasionally, I'll find some reason to modify a post or substitute a new one for one that's scheduled.

But how many sad, abandoned blogs have you come across where the started off with bold intentions and then got distracted or ran out of ideas?

It happens all the time.

Want to start a ?

Create your first six or eight articles and then try to stay at least four posts ahead of your schedule.

Without the deadline, you'll write better and have more time to refine it before it goes live.


Blog is short for backlog!