We all get so disappointed when our favorite movie gets embroiled in some tasteless scandal.

We love them so much on stage and then, in real life, they turn out to be so horrible!

How will your audiences feel about you when they meet you in the grocery store or walking around in the vendor room?

One of the best things about being a is that, with rare exceptions, you become part of a community of people who walk the walk after they're done talking the talk.

And think about it…

Why would you not want to be perceived as friendly, gracious, intelligent, and kind whether you're on the stage or not?

Or look at it through the lens of storytelling:

The golden rule of storytelling is “Stories are always about people!”

If they wanted , they'd have bought a for a lot less than your speaking fee or searched through YouTube.

As a your product is YOU!

You're Always on-stage; walk the walk!