The Golden Rule of Storytelling tells us that stories are always about people—and not about prices, processes, ingredients, or data.

And the ™ model tells us that stories move from conflict to .

When we want to persuade, we also begin with an authentic conflict—something that relates to a deep, survival-level need: food, love, shelter, sex, status, safety, family, community.

That's the C in CAST.

Are your competitors stealing your best prospects?
Has your guitar-playing hit yet another plateau?
Are your messages going nowhere?

Next is A. We agitate the problem.

What will happen to your if your employees keep leaving?
Will you keep practicing and enjoying -making if you don't find a way to get better?
Do you think begging ever helped a relationship?

S stands for Solution:

What if you knew the secret to keeping employees happy, engaged, and onboard?
Good news: There is a way to put an end to guitar frustration and make measurable progress every day.
What if you had a proven way to engage prospects and encourage them to embrace your solutions?

And T is :

Boost your profits and enjoy the benefits of working with a productive, happy team.
Rediscover your love of the guitar. It's called PLAYING for a reason!
Stop deflecting and start connecting with the system!

The last part is the call—the . Ask them to engage you as a guide.

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As they do with the model, persuasive stories move from conflict to .

They involve an authentic conflict.

And they involve your unique magic—the way you guide the people who engage your services to become heroes.

Again, stands for Conflict – Agitate – Solution – Transformation – .