Ideally, we can deliver our presentations without notes but there's no law against it.

The gods of public speaking are not going to consign you to the bad place for eternity if you bring a few index cards onto the stage.

And as long as you look at the audience more than you do at your paper, they probably won't notice, either.

If a speech is new or you're giving a one-off like a wedding toast you'll hopefully never give again, there's no need to stress out about whether you'll get through it.

Tape an outline to the floor.

Leave a script on the lectern.

Even the great orator said, “Never trust your memory without your .”

Rather than worry about whether or not you're supposed to use notes, use whatever resources you need to deliver the best you can.

If notes will give you the to deliver a better , that's what's best for you and what's best for the audience.