Effective speakers wrap their messages in stories—but few understand what stories are and how they work.

This brief guide explores why some narratives connect with listeners and others don't. Examples—including a few of the 's nautical adventure tales—reveal powerful techniques you can use to pressure-test your presentation style.

This guide introduces common mistakes and sticky spots encountered even by experienced writers.

Learning to recognize weak patterns is as easy as reading about them.

Simple examples teach you to see your in new ways. Become a better writer by the time you finish this book.

Today's speakers, trainers, and leaders struggle to engage colleagues and clients inside the “box” of viewers' computer and cellphone screens.

SPEAK INSIDE THE BOX offers simple, practical advice for on-screen presenters.

  • Lead and interact effectively at meetings.
  • Give your audience the “big stage” experience as a event speaker.
  • Expand your impact as an effective trainer.
  • Adapt traditional presentation skills to your on-screen performances.
  • Demystify the required to present in a variety of styles.