In part one, you define the outcome, the .

In part two, you mapped out the road to get there.

In part three, you crafted opening lines that inspired your audience to pay attention to you and your message.

What's left? Remember to close with a .

Now that you've told them what to do, tell them how to do it or sell them how to do it. Ask them to contact you, read your , follow you on Instagram, or download the handout. Just make sure they know how to act on their new interests.

And since you created such compelling opening lines, don't confuse your opener with your . You deliver the opening lines, the MC delivers the .

How can you assemble these two final components of a well-structured speech? I'll close with a .

Discover the details about calls to action and introductions elsewhere on and be sure to check out the Intro-Matic Speech Wizard.