means being overly concerned with formal rules and trivial points of learning, often emphasizing the minutiae of knowledge rather than its broader application.

The term has evolved to carry a negative connotation. It's used to describe someone who flaunts bookish knowledge in everyday conversations or academic discussions.

A person is a know-it-all!

In public speaking or , avoid a to make your message accessible and engaging. Instead of alienating your audience with overly jargon or exhaustive details, on clarity and to keep them interested and informed.

Or … be pedantic as a form of .

Why say, “I'm full. No more helpings for me.” when you can say “I've attained corporeal satiety and shall forthwith decline any proffered additions to this evening's delectable repast?”

Probably that won't bode well for future dinner invitations but there's some good mischief in it if you find yourself in the right situation.