One in five Americans reads below a fifth grade level!
The average person spends two years of their life on the phone!
87.3% of all statistics are made up on the spot!

A startling statistic (or two or three) will cue your audience that the problem is more serious than they thought…

That the world isn't as they thought it was

That things are happening that they didn't know about … and just might want to start caring about

Startling statistics position you as an expert…

As an authority who's done their homework and come with valuable information to share.

And sometimes—once in a while—statistics will show that good change is happening…

That there's hope.

Consider closing with startling statistics that add a note of optimism at the end of your message.

School enrollment has increased by 17% since 1970
Female political participation has more than doubled since 2000
80% of the world's 1-year-old children have been vaccinated against the disease.