Unless you're specifically to talk about sex, politics, or religion, don't.

As the leader up on the stage, do what you can to unify people.

You may not think sex is controversial but some people do.

You may be secure in your beliefs that the politicians on the other team are all criminals, but some people think the ones you voted for are the corrupt ones.

And plenty of people are devout non-members of whatever religion you practice.

I know what you're thinking:

Don't we need to have conversations about sex, politics, and religion?

How will we resolve our differences if we don't communicate?

And you're right.

If your mission is to redecorate the socio-political landscape and you think you can actually get people to change their minds after they've heard you give one speech, go for it—go out and change the world.

But if you've been to speak to an audience, you're not there to inspire one half of the room and alienate the other.

Stay focused on your universal message.

Give everyone ideas, tools, and perspectives that will improve their lives.

In doing so, you just might end up healing some of the divisions you'd otherwise widen.