WordPress is a -management platform used to drive over 455 million websites.
Written with open-source technologies like PHP and MySQL, this free software is supported by a huge developer community that extends its functionality through thousands of free and commercial plugins.
The aesthetics of WordPress sites are controlled by an endless selection of “themes”—templates that can be installed with a click.

Are you bored yet? This is classic data-dumping, and it ignores some fundamental principles of effective storytelling.

One: The golden rule of storytelling: Stories are all about people.

Two: A moves from conflict to

The example I gave offered no results or outcomes.

Nobody was empowered to do something they were unable to do before.

How do we fix this?

Talk about people, their conflicts, and the outcomes they want to achieve.

Don't talk about scary details in language your audience won't understand.

And add a at the end so people know what to do with the information you've given them.

Imagine being able to create your own web without having to write code.

Over seventy-five-million web have embraced a free called WordPress.


A massive selection of add-ons known as “plugins” empowers you to add almost any functionality you can think of to your website. Want a shopping cart, an e-newsletter with a mailing list subscription form, a booking calendar, or an animated slideshow on your website? Plugins allow you to accomplish anything short of scratch-and-sniff.


And when it comes to , you can choose from thousands of WordPress “themes” that instantly change the look and feel of your message. Many allow you to customize colors, , and other elements with an easy-to-use graphic interface.
Share your message without battling . Give WordPress a try.