means “change,” and yet so many speakers think “dynamic speaking” means being loud and emphatic.

Being a dynamic means you change your , , , and other factors. And “” is one of those important dynamic variables.

How does affect your speech?

For one thing, if we're not confident, we naturally assume a passive role by speaking with our “head voice.”

This is an important thing to be aware of. Head voice is timid and mild. Your resonant “chest voice” is calming and confident. Find that resonant center and on making it your everyday voice.

After all, it is your authentic voice. Don't be afraid to use it to convey .

It's common to raise the of our voices when we get scared.

Spiders are scary!

That's . Boring!

(High pitch) Oh my God! A big, hairy spider!

Not only can you feel the fear, but you may have laughed at my vulnerability.

Don't tell the audience how you feel; show them!

When it's to freak out, raise the pitch so they can feel it.