dave bricker's speaking tips

All these —hundreds of videos.

Every one of them is scripted and displayed on a teleprompter app.

I don't do that on stage, but I can load the scripts for dozens of videos into my teleprompter, record them in large batches, and cut them and edit them later.

My teleprompter screen is a small field monitor that sits right on top of my .

From across the room, you can't tell that I'm not looking directly into the lens.

And as long as you use a good , most teleprompter apps will advance in synch with your speech so you can , add in a tangent that isn't in the script, and then jump back in.

Reading from a teleprompter is not as engaging as looking directly into the eyes of a live audience, but it's an excellent way to get a lot of material recorded accurately in a short .