Here are speaking topic trends observed in conferences, and media as of April, 2023.

Speaking topic trends can change quickly. For example, “” would not have appeared on the list a few years ago. It seems reasonable to imagine that its popularity will rise as assumes a more and more prominent role in our lives and businesses.

1. and Management
2. Health and Wellness
3. and Innovation
4. Motivation and Personal Development
5. Growth and Development
6. and Strategies
7. Environmental Issues and Sustainability
8. Mental Health and Mindfulness
9. Entrepreneurship and Startup Culture
10. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
11. Work-Life Balance and Productivity
12. Education and Learning Strategies
13. Digital and the Future of Work
14. Personal Finance and Wealth Management
15. Social Media and Digital
16. Team Building and Collaboration
17. Creativity and Innovation
18. Global Economics and Market Trends
19. Political Issues and Public Policy
20. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning