Sound Effects

The human voice is an amazingly versatile instrument. It can not only speak, it can sing, and imitate a variety of sounds.

Here's an excerpt from a I've shared many times.

As I made that quick turn to dodge the cruise ship, I looked up at it's massive stern towering over my tiny boat.
I felt the vibration of the big turbine engines and the huge propellers
[vibration sound]
And when I looked up at the upper deck, I could see the bright of the disco, the silhouettes of people dancing, and the sounds of throbbing through the glass.
[boom boom]
Those people are having a very different in the same place at the same .
I'm fighting for survival … and they're fighting to get to the bar for their third margarita!

I could have simply narrated those bits about the vibration and the , but that's telling, not showing.

Instead of telling us that you heard something, help us hear it!

Sound effects offer yet another way to expand your voice beyond the typical 's range.

Sounds are fun, easy to make, and inspire your audience to smile.